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For ambitious Icelandic business looking for the best digital marketing growth partner.

We create industry-leading results for Icelandic and international companies with data-drivin planning and result-oriented execution of their digital marketing & content management. 

All executing employees are naturally:

– Meta Certified Media Buying Professional
– Meta Certified Media Planning Professional


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NorthPeak Consulting works with webshops that can handle to grow with 50-100% in 90 days. We are not your typical markting agency. We are a bi-product of old fashioned marketing agencies. We are dynamic, flexible and with us your company becomes a priority. 


No matter how good results were last week we always strives to do better tomorrow. We are a small agile team of dedicated and ambitious nerds that focus exclusively on your companies growth and revenue. 



Can your webshop handle to grow with 50-100% the next 90 days? Then get access to our case study and learn how we scaled an Icelandic webshop from 4.000.000/mo to 26.000.000/mo in under 4 months.

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Do you want to scale your webshop with 50-100% in 90 days? Order a free performance analysis and discover your potential for growth. 

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Case study 2023

We work with webshops who can handle to grow with 50-100% the next in the next 90 days.   

If that sounds like you let us give you acces to a case study for how we scaled an Icelandic webshop from 60.000.000 isk/mo to 200.000.000 in 12 months.

An external agency that feels like an in-house team

Most companies that previously used a different external agency have all had the same experiences. They were assigned a random consultant, and put all their trust in the agency’s brand. The communication and execution was not optimal and they could not expect a response after 05:00 PM or on weekends.

The dream scenario for most business owners is to find the best agency that feels like an in-house team. We want to change the typical way a collaboration between a company and an agency takes place. With us, you can expect a personal and dynamic collaboration with a team that wants to join your journey and help your business scale to the next level. When we start a new relationship with a company, our goal is to make sure we become the best investment they will ever make in an agency, and last.

0 binding on our services

We have no binding on our cooperation agreements. You are not obliged to use us for the next 6-24 months like most other agencies. We always tell our clients that they should only work with us, if they can see the value we add to their company in terms of measurable results, and not because it says so on a piece of paper. Our work rests on a solid foundation of professionalism and up-to-date insight into algorithms on social media. We know how quality-conscious our work is, which is why we are honored that numerous of our clients have been with us for several years.

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We will elaborate on social media marketing strategies we could tailor and implement for your particular business, in order to heavily boost the growth of your online business and online sales. 

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